Join an Exciting Arctic Adventure in Alaska

Alaska Aurora Viewing with Photographer

Chinese & English Speaking Guides

Your arctic adventure awaits with Alaska aurora tours featuring the northern lights of the Interior. Tour guides speak both Chinese and English languages for the best viewing of the Alaskan aurora (also called the northern lights).

You can customize your aurora tour with Alaskan tours for Chinese and English native speakers. Our tours are specialized to accommodate small groups for the best Fairbanks northern lights tours.

Tour Details

  • Number of People: 2 – 20
  • Length of Tour: Four hours
  • Season: Mid-August through end of April
  • Price: $100/person or With Photographer $120/person

We'll Pick You UP

Alaska aurora tours are customizable for two to twenty people! Our tour guides will arrive at your location in a warm and comfortable van that can accommodate up to 11 people. Smaller vehicles are also available to transport groups less than 5 people to see the magical Alaskan northern lights.

There is a special art to viewing the northern lights that is learned through experience over time. While we cannot guarantee when mother nature will display the aurora, we do know the right conditions of when the best northern light tours are possible. ​

Four Hours of Vast Wilderness

During a four hour drive outside of Fairbanks, we will travel up mountains that overlook Fairbanks and the vast wilderness the Interior has to offer, stopping anywhere along the way you wish for a photo, or just to breathe the crisp, fresh Alaskan air. Dress warmly as you may want to dance with the lights above!

Alaska aurora tours welcome you from mid-August to the end of April. Come see the show with your native Chinese speaking Alaska tour guides!

Artic Circle and Aurora One Day Tour with Free Aurora Photo

Tour Details

  • Number of People: 2 – 20
  • Length of Tour: 12 to 13 hours
  • Season: Year round
  • Price: $250/person

The Arctic Circle is Must-do Tour

Arctic Circle tours are available from Fairbanks with Chinese and English speaking guides. The Dalton Highway from the Golden Heart City north is a beautiful drive north with wildlife, scenic bridges and plenty of opportunities for great photos!

When visiting Alaska, an arctic circle tour is a must-do! The Arctic Circle is an invisible line that spans across the top of the globe, reaching eight countries. The state of Alaska is the only state from the United States within the arctic circle, and is special because of the extreme sun exposure (or lack of sun!) during the summer and winter months. 

Alaskan Tours Guides

During an arctic circle tour, an experienced Alaskan tour guide will point out historic places in Chinese and English languages. The tour guides will stop at any location for your pleasure. History is rich throughout the 6-8 hour drive to the Arctic Circle. Frequent stops are scheduled for your convenience and need, and water and snacks are provided.

The arctic circle tour begins on the Elliot Highway, then spurs off to the Dalton Highway. The Dalton Highway follows the Trans-Alaskan pipeline much of the way, a pipeline built to transport oil from the North Slope to southern Alaska. Your Chinese and English speaking guide will stop to see the pipeline up close and learn more about this amazing piece of Alaskan history.

Experience the Rustic Wilderness

Along the way, the arctic circle tour will cross the mighty Yukon River. This majestic river of almost 2,000 miles from Canada to the Bering Sea was used as a major transportation river to mine gold before the Klondike Highway was complete. Animal wildlife viewing and scenic landscapes are a part of this tour, and aurora viewing are common during the winter months.

The Fairbanks tour to the Arctic Circle is the best way to experience the rustic territory without the worry of the drive. With Chinese and English speaking guides, warm and comfortable vehicles and plenty of stories to go around, you can experience this unique journey in pure comfort.

Other Tours

Dog Sledding in Fairbanks

People of Alaska have relied on dog sleds for transportation, food and medicine for centuries - as well as racing and camping. There are many opportunities to see the dogs up close and even get a ride through beautiful Denali National Park. Dog mushing tours are available for a unique way to experience the park.

Visit Denali National Park

One of the most cherished sites in Alaska is Denali National Park, home of the highest mountain in North America. Denali means “The Great One” from the Athabascan people and the lands surrounding the mountain are available for visitors to hike, ski, explore, view animal wildlife and enjoy the peaceful and untouched greatlands of Interior Alaska.

Chena Hot Springs

A natural wonder, Chena Hot Springs is a local favorite day trip. The resort has overnight accommodations from camping to hotel rooms, a restaurant, greenhouse and ice museum all powered with geothermal energy. Of course, the highlight is soaking in the natural healing mineral waters while watching a beautiful aurora display during the winter.

Arctic Ocean Tours

Arctic Ocean Tours

3 Days – 2 Night Tour and 4 Days – 3 Night Tour, May 28th through Sept 15th